What is More Important – to Succeed in School or achieve Success in Life?

Remember the times when we aspired to have an A+ grade in every subject as we were told that the gates of success could be opened with only one key and that was getting good marks in Schools. As we grew up we realised that this was but half the truth we could see that the children who consistently scored A+ grades in schools could do nothing better than lead a mediocre lifestyle. So what went wrong where did their upbringing lack.

Actually we do not need to be surprised at this, because as we know the academics in schools is not prepared keeping in mind the needs of each and every child, in fact it is next to impossible to have a curriculum which will encompass the needs of every child and also it is not possible that things beyond academics would be covered. To even think and assume that this would be possible would be a folly in itself. To have unprecedented development in the overall growth of the child is possible not only through Academics but also by working continuously in the Right direction for overall growth.

No doubt school years are the founding years of the children and they learn the various facets of life in school. They learn about the difficulties in life, the means of living and the world pattern of relations, friends and the meaning of love and respect. Apart from education they understand sports and health, but the unfortunate part is that they do not learn how to face up to these difficulties. At school the children are split according to their grasping of subjects which get reflected in the grades that they get, but is it true that a child who is not good at grades will never be successful in their life. I have listed below four names of people who have been highly successful in their lives, but have they really excelled in grades. Just imagine if the under named four were to be judged by the grades that they got in school, what would have become of the world and their achievements.

If you want your child to be really successful in life then you have to understand and make them follow the two most important principles of life. The first principle is to follow and do everything that society and teachers tell you to do with the right and positive attitude till you reach the age of 20. Post this do not follow anything that has been told to you blindly, but think about it and it and listen to your heart and follow your thoughts, even if it means that you need to chart out a new way for yourselves. Do not be afraid of walking on the path least walked upon, if you feel that it can reach you to your goal in a better way.

Do you really feel that the four people whose name I have written below have been a success only on the basis of their Academics or is there more to it. Would they have been Successful if they had not done something different and had followed the path walked by millions before them. They dared to think beyond and had a single minded dedication to their success and goals and did not allow anyone or anything to get in between them. They beat the odds and took a path less travelled to achieve what they have done today.

The four of them are :-

Dhirubhai Ambani
Warren Buffet
Sachin Tendulkar
Bill gates

All four were mediocre students in school, but they were focused and determined in their objectives, many of their teachers had given up on them in school and proclaimed them failures. Today on the basis of their unflinching belief in their dreams and the confidence to take an uncharted raod has allowed them to excel in the field of their choice.

In the current education system to get into a college you need to appear for various types of entrance exams which test the IQ and the Academic knowledge of the students. We have thousands of students who every year sit for entrance exams like JEE, CAT and other competitive exams to get those coveted seats in universities of choice. Do you think this is the right process. Are we trying to say that only those children you are born academically strong are the ones who will taste success and will the rest of them fail in their journey of life. When we differentiate children based on the marks in their school, we are telling our children that they are no good and they develop a complexion that says that they will always be in the also ran category and will never make it big in life.

We need to ensure that we shield our children from these effects as children are the products of the moulding that we do, what they can become and what they will become will be surely based on the amount of confidence that he or she has in their dreams and the confidence they have in charting their own way forward. We need to ensure that our children receive training which is beyond the calling of school. Every child is born a Genius we need to ensure that we tap their potential and allow them to bring it out. We have to give them the power to use the powers that brain holds and make maximum utilization of their inborn genius.

Just to give you an example Albert Einstein was not even able to speak properly till he reached the age of nine, his teachers had given up on him and had told him that he would not be able to do anything in life. His parents also thought that they had a child who was mentally slow and hence did not expect great things from him. After School when he applied to college he failed in the first attempt and had to give his exam again to gain entry in the college. During his job hunt also he faced rejection at many stages, but during his free time he started researching on “Theory of Relativity” and the rest as you know is history. You will be surprised to know that Washington Post had recently concluded an opinion poll to know who was the number 1 Scientist of the last 1000 years and all the historians & learned people of our society chose Sir Albert Einstein to be the leader of this list and placed him on Number 1.

This clearly demonstrates that a person who has done well academically in school will also do well in life is not true. It totally depends on the overall development and confidence that the person develops The potential of the person is what he Thinks he is capable of and if we can train people and make them aware of the abundant capability that our BRAIN has, we would definitely have made a difference.

The person has to be given the chance to think beyond what is visible to us and needs to be groomed to face the vigour’s of life with confidence and the ability to choose a path for himself however difficult and different it may be.

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